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I am a blissful Ontario, Canada Mama in my early 40’s with vast life experience; enough to know that the path of free range, life led learning is the way for our family and with my bff (best friend forever ) hubby by my side in perfect synchronicity, we explore, experienc
e and thank the stars for the freedom to live a Freeschoolin' life.

     Please join us on our journey and gain support from the wonderful radical unschooling community around us!

Much love,
Freeschoolin' Mommy

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Episode 4 - A Freeschoolin' Homestead Grocery Haul

Posted on February 8, 2017 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

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Check out the latest Episode of The Freeschoolin' Homestead!

In this episode we cover a quick, healthy grocery haul, talk to the dog and share a sweet clip of the animals sleeping together.

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Thanks for joining us on our journey; we love you!

Much Love,
Freeschoolin' Mommy

In Play, Overnight Guests and Snowplay: An Unschooling Week!

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hope (6) at In Play in Barrie, ON.

We have had a busy week!

Hope has been asking to go to In Play, an indoor playground, so we took a trip to town and had a blast together. They encourage Parents to play on the structures with the kids so we took full advantage!

The weather has been awesome so Hope and I had fun in the giant snow pile next to our house. We could touch the roof!

Of course we love to visit our horse. The barn is a perfect place to roleplay and get out of the wind!

We had some friends from out of town over for a few days so we visited and had a great time playing D & D. Hope is happy to give up her room because she loves it when they come to stay. ( So do Mom and Dad! )

Our friend Sarah even introduced Hope to Snap Chat; she was delighted!

Hope was also into lots of reading, spelling, typing, Spore, Minecraft, cooking, roleplay, conflict resolution, waterplay, adding, colouring and so much more.

All in a week's Freeschoolin'/Unschooling!

Much Love Always,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

The Freeschoolin' Homestead Episodes

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings Friends!

We've been sharing our life around The Freeschoolin' Homestead on YouTube.

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We have 3 Episodes out now; even one on our Family Wipe System!

Episode 1 - Introduction

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Episode 2 Part 1 - How River Keeps Warm

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Episode 2 Part 2 - Animal Communication

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Episode 3 - Family Wipe System

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Be sure to subscribe to our channel for the latest episodes and feel free to like and share!

Thanks for supporting and watching The Freeschoolin' Homestead!

Much Love,

Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Freeschoolin' Children's Book Series Update (And Unschooling Life)

Posted on January 16, 2017 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Freeschoolin': Life Is My School Book Cover Illustration

I am excited to announce that illustrations are completed for the first book in the Freeschoolin' Children's Book Series I am writing.  We now move on to formatting which should take a fraction of the time.

This is why I have been so quiet for those of you who follow us on Facebook.

Here's a sneak preview of one of the pages never before seen.

Hope has been colouring too! And we've had so much fun with our homemade glitter and grape scented playdough!

Hope and Daddy and have been playing outside in the snow and reading Harry Potter, Hope has been playing Spore and Sonic the Hedgehog and we even made a tent out of a bedsheet over the family bed; we've left it up for days.

Even when we needed to do errands we had lots of fun this week; Hope even dressed up!

She also discovered the toy section at the TSC where we tried to aquire a new paddock rake.

We've also been in to puzzles, roleplay with toys, magnets and re-arranging Hope's room for the most fun.

There's never a day where we are not learning together because #LifeIsOurSchool.

Much Love Always,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Our First Freeschoolin' Week Of the Year! (And Our New Channel!)

Posted on January 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hope(6), Freeschoolin' Daddy and Mommy in a grocery store selfie!

Why Yes! We still have our Christmas tree up!

I like to clear it out by now but living got in the way. *grin*

This year's holidays triggered a lot of reflection for me.

I couldn't help but notice the excess more even though we'd picked up less. I couldn't help but notice the stress more though we'd had really none. All signs have been pointing to simplifying life. And celebrations.

What is the point of them if they actually make you need a vacation after?

I think we'll be re-evaluating our traditions and re-designing our habits to reflect a more simple and presence based celebration style.

This week we purged old energies, old things, old patterns and started planning new ones. I got a new lap top that is making blogging, video sharing and other such work twice as fast. Literally. So thankful to my Great Gramma In Law; "Grand". She's always such an earth angel to our family.

We ventured to our library and met up with some homeschool friends; always a favorite past time.

Sometimes life is intense and you need to lie down for a minute.

Then we picked up a few things a the grocery store!

Shopping as a family is fun and educational. It's pretty important to know where and how to get your food and how to manage a budget. Hope usually runs around with Daddy and picks up some things from our list. She has recently started deciding what to buy more often. It's pretty cool to watch her make her own choices! I didn't have Hope's confidence at 20!

Last but not least, Hope's Great Gramma gave her a beautiful pearl ring to match the necklace she already giftted her years ago. Hope loves and cares for these kinds of things. She's so happy and thankful!

The new laptop means I can finally finish the first Freeschoolin' Book; I'll be finalizing formatting in a week. So excited so share it with you all when it's finished.

Also, check out our brand new Youtube Channel; The Freeschoolin' Homestead

We've uploaded our show trailer and the first episode/introduction for your viewing pleasure. Looking forward to seeing your comments!

The Freeschoolin' Homestead Trailer

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Much Love Always,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Peaceful Parenting Is Not Perfect Parenting

Posted on January 3, 2017 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Peaceful Parenting is not perfect parenting.
It is the constant choice to seek a respectful, non-violent, loving relationship with our offspring; especially in times of conflict.



Hope (6) and I had a challenge. I was triggered, she was confused.

The dispute was over use of the bdrm to sleep and I was not in control of my feelings because I was tired and overwhelmed.

She was calm. I was not. I didn't yell but I said things I regretted the instant they escaped my lips and landed in the ears of my beloved girl.


She cried big heartbroken tears. I surveyed the moments that passed, near frozen with how negative things had become because truly this is very uncharacteristic of our relationship.


I finally unstuck myself from the emotional chaos and went to Hope, making sure I got permission first, so I could hold her and rock her and cry with her; something I had never experienced as a child but I knew would satiate us both.


I recanted my harsh words and made sure it had not affected her self worth; I assured her this was about my lack of emotional control, not about her behavior.


I can't tell this story without tears forming; it is painful to share but I know that some people think we never have conflict here. I don't often have time to tell the accounts but this time I did so I took advantage.


I hope this will help everyone to feel hopeful even when conflict arises with our young.

All is not lost.

We can bring things back from the brink.

Every moment is a chance to make a new choice.


Peaceful Parents make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. The difference is, we learn from them. <3




Thank you for reading. Sending so much love.

Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Wishing You Good Year

Posted on January 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome 2017!

We spent a quiet holiday together as family.

We made and decorated an Organic gingerbread house, Tardis and many cookies. We baked other goodies, wrapped and opened presents, snow shoed, sledded and enjoyed cozy moments.

I fell terribly ill just after the 25th for days so New Years came and went without note but not without magic.  We talked deeply, Hope and I and she told me things she needed from me.  I listened and vowed in my heart to fulfill her needs to the best of my ability.  If she always is this open with me, we shall have no problems with our relationship that connection can't fix.

Presents under the tree.

Hope, 6, eating a part of her gingerbread house.

Holiday Horse. (Our rescue steed, River, decked out in festive attire.)

A Christmas Eve Snowshoe.

From our family to yours we wish you a wonderful year ahead and thank you for being a part of this Freeschoolin' journey with us!

First Family sled time of the year.

Much love always,

Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

3 Cheapn'Easy Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas!

Posted on December 20, 2016 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Looking for that perfect heartfelt gift that won't break your budget?  Read on!

#1.  Personalized Mug w/ Sharpie

  • Get a white mug from a thrift or dollar store
  • Draw on it with sharpies ( black must be fully set before touching or it will smudge ) 
  • Bake 30 min, let cool fully. Bake 30 more min. Let cool fully.
  • HAND wash only

#2 Glitter Playdough

  • Take your favorite playdough recipe ( sorry folks, mine needed too much tweaking to share yet )
  • Put glitter in the dry ingredients

#3 Iron On Personalized T-Shirt

  • Find the picture you want to put on your shirt
  • Get a new or used shirt (we bought ours used)
  • Print out on iron on sheets you can by at your local paper supply store
  • Iron on, using the directions of the paper ( they come with them! yay! ) 
  • Take of the paper w/o ripping your picture up

We made all these gifts for Hope this year.  It doesn't take a lot of money to make magic happen! I hope we helped inspire some magic in your own home.

Wishing everyone the best of the Holiday Season and Love the whole year through from my family to yours!

Wendy, Freeschoolin' Mommy

DIY Holiday Countdown Calender!

Posted on December 3, 2016 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We love the Holidays around here at the Freeschoolin' Homestead but we don't have, nor do we want to spend the money on fun seasonal decor so we like to get creative instead!

This countdown calender ( that could be altered for the countdown to any holiday ) cost $1.00 in bristol board at the Dollarama.

I drew out a tree shape and then cut it out, planned out my numbers and drew them on with a marker.  I used a scrap piece of foil paper for the star I already had lying around.

To mark the days you can use stickers to block out the numbers or circle them with a marker each day.

You could decorate it with stickers, glue and glitter and other crafty methods to make it even more festive and fun.

Subjects Learned (from this project):



-pattern recognition

-adding and other maths

-passage of time

-task memory



Hope really loves putting on her sticker every day and counting how many days are left, among other discussions we are having over the countdown calender. It's an awesome festive learning experience for us all!

Hope your season is bright and merry and that we can inspire you to enjoy your days no matter what you celebrate!

2015 Family Holiday Photo

Blessings. light and always so much love,
Wendy, Freeschoolin' Mommy

Canadian Unschooling In November!!!!

Posted on November 27, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Doing some late season farm work together. Ontario, Canada.

Unschooling is learning through life as a principle and we have no shortage of experiences to utilize!

We have been so busy with learning opportunities that I haven't had time to share as much as I like!

November has flown by faster than the summer to my surprise; is it just me?

The weather has gotten colder so we have been hurrying to get our veggie beds covered and our horse barn ready for winter.

Our rescued OTTB (Off The Track Thoroughbred) River, 20.

We've been shopping, Hope has been writing in work books to teach herself things and there have been quite a few creative projects like sand /glue art and painting on canvas.

Hope decided to begin learning how to sew, she's been colouring up a storm and we've been getting ready for the holidays by making decorations and putting them up around the house. 
I plan on sharing a few holiday posts so you will get to see some of what we have made so far.

We had great fun at a local indoor playplace with our local Un/Homeschool Club earlier in the month and just yesterday we had a full day of hitting up a strip mall for some 25 cent rides, checked out the pet store and spent some time at the Barrie Public Library, a favorite place of ours.

Here's Hope's book haul! (Only Hope's; we had a lot of books to bring home between us all!)

For anyone worried about how their child will learn through Unschooling, we are living proof that life is education without even trying.

The question really is, how can you NOT learn through Unschooling/Freeschoolin'?

Much love always,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Decoration

Posted on October 30, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We love decorating and Halloween!

We had some homemade paper bats from last year so I made some more, using the old ones as templates, and then cut them out.

I then hand drew a smaller bat and used it as a template to make more. I cut them out and began to arrange them from small to large in a pattern that looked like a bunch of bats swirling through the sky.

I think it would be even more awesome with more variety in sizes; maybe I'll add some next year!

Wishing your family a safe and fun Halloween,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Freeschoolin' @ The 1st Barrie Comic Con and Reflections

Posted on October 17, 2016 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We are a family that is proud of our Geekdom!

The closest town to us, Barrie, Ontario, hosted it's first Barrie Public Library Comic Con and we were super stoked to attend!

Daddy went as Twilight Sparkle ( shout out to the bronies/ponies! ) and Hope (6) decided on Jasmine from Aladdin; I wore my superman/mom shirt and resolved to try harder next year. 

We took pictures in the Tardis from Dr. Who and happened to meet up with Dead Pool just before passing by a Storm Trooper on the way to the elevator. ( Hope loves the elevator! )

There were so many amazing costumes and everyone was so friendly and fun. Hope loved seeing everything even though it was a little overwhelming.

Her solution? Hope spent quite a bit of time picking out animal books to bring home; it helped her focus on something other than the energy of everyone around.

One of the staff. Amazing!

We met up with favorite friends and played in the outside area to get out some energy and feel the cool breeze. We really love the Barrie Library; it's so community and family friendly and it's a vital tool on our Freeschoolin' journey we are grateful for.

There was a lot of energy chaos at the library during the Comic Con and it got me to thinking.

I know...uh oh. *grin*

Childhood is short. Like, really short.

I'm on my second time around the Parenting track; my first was born over 20 years ago. The sound level of childhood that can bring adults to cringe only lasts for so long. Too soon we ache to hear it again and never will but in our memories. 

It's so true that parenhood brings up every terrible thing that we were taught as children, intentionally or not. It's SO hard to override the programming from those days and reach out into the unknown for a new way; not only for our children but for ourselves.  We can't do one or the other and expect not to lose out in some way.

If we nurture family/friends AND ourselves we can find that endless reserve of energy that helps us see; we can choose how we perceive and react to every situation. Even when there's pudding on the walls and enough water in the bathroom after bathtime to surf on. Even when the best china just broke because, experiments and fun and you were out of the room for 10 seconds. Even when the exhaustion has you in full on snapzone.  ((( Hugs )))

I hope to keep sharing our lives and how I journey to manage this balance in life to care for myself and my family and reach all the goals I have for my time here on earth so that others might be inspired to take the helm of their own lives and find the peace everyone so deserves. I want all caregivers to be empowered and supported; community is necessary!

Life flies by and we are happy to live a Freeschoolin' life so we are free to fully savour each moment as it happens!


Sending Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

"The Freeschoolin' Homestead"

Posted on October 10, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (7)

Our mini barn, pond and pumpkin patch.

Freeschoolin' gives us the freedom to pursue our passions; homesteading is a big one around here!

One day we hope to own our own land to build a sustainable homestead on but for now we are lucky enough to have a wonderful place to save up and enjoy while we wait!

We live in a 2 bdrm apt over the garage of a country home near Barrie, Ontario. We have use of the entire property of about 3 acres, complete with a large fire pit, plenty of camp out spots, a large pond and a small barn and paddock that was built for us by the landlord; no charge.

In this little kitchen we make all our own bread and baked goods, process our homemade apple cider vinegar, dry and process our homegrown herbs and so much more.

We dry and store our own seeds so we don't have to buy them every year.  To improve the impact our environmental footprint leaves we use a family cloth system instead of toilet paper; much like doing cloth diapers. We also use baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as conditioner for our family; it has worked perfectly for many years now.

Our goal is to be as sustainable, eco-friendly and frugal as possible on our homestead and it's brought us endless challenges and lessons we are very grateful for.

As I said, our landlord built us a barn. We rescued a thoroughbred, River,  in 2011 and so instead of boarding him, we get to keep him at our home. We use his excrement as fertilizer so River's presence on the homestead is very symbiotic in many ways. It doesn't need to be said that he is one heck of a lawn mower!

We have a crab apple tree I trim to help it produce big, juicy apples that make absolutely awesome apple sauce and apple cake, not to mention apple peels and cores for apple cider vinegar. River loves them too!

Our property has loads of areas for gardens so we make use of as much of the land as we can; each year we take more space.

This year we did potatoes and got over 20lbs, many tomatoes, a lot of Kale and Mint, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Oregano and Cilantro, 3 kinds of melons, cucumbers, peppers and 2 kinds of pumpkins.  It supplemented our grocery bill significantly and we are already excited to have an even bigger produce selection next year.

We have quite a few wild raspberry patches that I trim to produce bigger more plentiful berries. We pick as many as we can and freeze what we can't eat for smoothies, nice cream and pies.

There is broad leaf plaintain that grows wild all over which we are aiming to make plaintain oil out of one day but we like to include it in our salads, as well as dandelion greens that we allow to grow in our garden.

We do not till the ground; we remove the weeds by raking and taking anything big out by hand and then lay cover (compost) over to add to the soil.

The more homesteading we do on our rented land, the more we feel confident in our ability to manage our own land in the future so there is nothing wasted in each moment we spend working here.

We've just recently been approved to start building a chicken tractor out of a large, used crate so that is a project we are working on currently. We hope to have chickens by next year to provide us with fresh eggs which will absolutely reduce our grocery budget, especially in seasons with green as the chickens can eat from the ground and will be excellent help fertilizing the soil for our gardens with minimal effort from us.

The way the earth works together in a symbiotic nature is fascinating and incredible to manifest in our homesteading adventures; we are learning how to let nature provide for us.

If you would like to hear more from "The Freeschoolin' Homestead" side of things in our Freeschoolin' life, please let us know by commenting, telling us on Facebook, sharing your thoughts in the Freeschoolin' Community or Twitter, all linked convieniently on our website's Home page. 

We love to share our journey with you; so glad you are here for the ride!

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Fall Freeschoolin'

Posted on October 3, 2016 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy Fall Ya'll!

How are we Freeschoolin' this time of year?

The leaves are starting to turn here in Ontario, Canada and our melon patches have almost stopped producing (Farming Skills).

The snails will soon be hard to find and the nights are getting quite chilly (Environmental Studies).  We find we don't need to spend the time to put up decorations when the signs of fall are all around us and the colours vividly appearing throughout the surrounding forest.

We've been baking pies with the apples we picked on our apple picking trip last week ( Math, science, physics ),  shopping @ thrift stores for needed winter items (Math, Retail skills, Social Studies) and having fun with our rescued Off The Track Thoroughbred (OTTB). (Equine studies, Phys Ed)

Homemade Organic Apple Pie

River (20) and Hope (6).

We've been thinking of decorating for Halloween because it's Daddy's birthday coming up so it's fun to have a Halloween type theme to celebrate with. Seeing the decorations around town have been fun for Hope.

Usually this time of year we do more art projects but we have been trying to keep outside as often as possible to enjoy the weather so we've left those to the side for now.

We have some social engagements planned with our homeschool community, harvesting to do and lots of energy clearing as family of Empaths, among other intuitive gifts, before the winter sets in.

Taking life slowly and without a schedule to drive us lets us absorb information more organically. We learn what we love so we remember everything very easily and without arbitrary tests. We aren't without challenges; far from it. But we learn how to manage each obstacle and soar over each hurdle; an example Freeschoolin' Daddy and I proudly set for our daughter.

We had to change a lot to live a Freeschoolin' life but it was worth every alteration; this IS bliss!

Much Love Always,
Wendy (Freeschoolin' Mommy)

Freeschoolin' @ Avalon Orchards Organic Apple Farm

Posted on September 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (2)

This past week we went on our 3rd annual field trip with our local Un/Homeschool Club to Avalon Orchards, an organic apple farm in Ontario, Canada.

There is so much to learn on a trip to an apple orchard.

We had a wagon ride that led to a forest walk and ended with a delicious cup of apple cider back at the shop.  Hope felt so confident in her independence she took off to the front of the group walk, leaving Freeschoolin' Daddy and I far behind, beaming with satisfaction. It was lovely to see her blossom.

We visited with old and new friends and picked some delicious organic apples. We were offered 3 varieties to choose from, Priscilla, Freedom and Nova Mac.
None of us favoured the Priscilla, Daddy and I loved the Nova Mac and Hope and I loved the Freedom.

Shiny Organic Nova Mac Apple.

We packed a lunch, but Freeschoolin' Daddy accidentally locked the keys in our truck so we also had to wait for our roadside assistance service before we could enjoy that. (It's OK Dad, we love you no matter what! ) Luckily, we packed Hope's lunch and snack in the back pack Daddy usually carries on our field trips so she was all set.

As fortune would have it, Avalon Orchards felt so badly for our long wait time that they offered us all the free apples we could pick and eat and complimentary bottles of organic apple cider; we felt so cared for!

To pass the time we played in the wagon, picked and ate apples, discovered the sunflower garden and the bees living there and roleplayed of course. There are definitely worse places to be stranded for 2 hours.

Since then we've been eating lots of apples and making them into things like Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Pie and we have plans for making apple cake, apple sauce to can and apple crumble; a favorite here.

Organic Apple Crumble Pie made with Organic Whole Wheat Crust.

What did we learn?


Tree Husbandry
Social Studies
Physical Education
Pattern Recognition
Risk Taking
Cognitive Behavioral Skills
Compassion for Others
Ecological Studes
Problem Solving
Theatrical Skills
Nutrition much more!

We truly are #NeverNotLearning when we just live life to the fullest and happiest.

How are you and your family #Freeschoolin' these days?

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Unschooling, Unbirthday, Unbelievable 2 Weeks Of NOT Back To School!

Posted on September 19, 2016 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (2)

We had a Very Merry Unbirthday, indeed!

Freeschoolin' Daddy and Hope (6) decided to bake a cake together while they stayed up all night.   We watched Alice In Wonderland and had a lovely little Unbirthday celebration; Hope loved lighting and blowing the candles out!

We also took advantage of the uncrowded beach and warm weather; summer isn't over for us!

Hope requested some modeling clay play so we all had some fun doing that together. We LOVE art around here.

Note the messy kitchen. We LIVE in our home; it's not a museum.

Our local Un/Homeschool Club had a park meet-up so we got to visit old and new friends!

Of course there is no shortage of things to explore on the 3 acres of land we live on in a rural area just outside Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
We played and gardened in the rain, caught snakes and snails and had amazing roleplay adventures.

We've started to develop a rythym that moves with the seasons. Now is the time we take advantage of all things green and outside because they will quickly fade.
We focus on hitting up as many parks as possible because Hope LOVES them. We visit the beach on as many days as the weather will allow. (There's still some left so far! )
We make fires, we greet the animals and watch the changes in the earth around us as fall begins. Forest/Natureschooling is a big part of our Freeschoolin' life; we learn so much vital information from the planet we live on.

Soon enough it will be time for more indoor things. For warm recipes to cook up together, making fun seasonal decorations and indoor projects we don't have time for when we're outside all the time.

When we follow the flow of the energy around us, we don't collide with life the way we used to trying to meet deadlines or schedules. We learn easily, deeply; together.

This is Freeschoolin'. This is bliss.

So glad to have you along for the journey; we love our Freeschoolin' Family! ( That's you! )

Much Love ALWAYS,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Happy NOT Back To School 2016

Posted on September 6, 2016 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Today in Ontario,Canada, school children go back to class today.

For us, it's just another day.

Hope is actually sick ( the second time this year; happens at the season change ) with a cough and cold so we are very glad we don't have to worry about attendance in public school; today's first visible advantage to Unschooling/Freeschoolin'

Daddy reading to Hope about Insects while she is sick.

It doesn't take but minutes for reasons we love Life Learning instead of school to flood to mind. I'm not anti-school, but for our family, Freeschooln' is the only way I can see us getting the most out of life in all ways; naturally, education ncluded.


I was socialized the traditional way of the 80's. I survived. So did Freeschoolin' Daddy.

We want more for our kids than to survive their childhood. Like a plant we want to flourish, we wish to give our young the best possible resources and advantages to grow to their full potential.

Freeschoolin'/Unschooling allows us to choose when and how we wish to interact socially. We get to experience Hope's social lessons alongside her. We can avoid unwanted energy and we can seek out and find people we truly click with.
We socialize with all ages of people, not just Hope's age group, giving her a larger scope of experience than she would have sitting in a classroom all day with 5 and 6 year olds.

We LOVE our annual field trip to the Orchard and the amazing events we attend with our local Un/Homeschool Club that we formed in 2012.

Hope learns at her own pace which means she is never pressured to learn; she always retains the joy of absorbing new information.

Even though Hope is sick she asked her Daddy to read her Insect book to her; they learned all about so many different animals.

Every moment is an organic educational opportunity.

There is no academy that could give the kind of bonded, hands on experiences that we have on a daily basis.

Unschooling/Freeschoolin' is tailored to a student's interests and passions.  Like a book you can't to put down; life becomes a mystery you never want to stop discovering.

Problems and setbacks become challenges.

Earth becomes our University; free of charge.

There are no limits!

There are no schedules! ( Unless you want one! And sometimes we do! )

We wear what we want, we don't worry about exemption forms, playground bullying, food  restrictions, tests, grades or being late.

When Hope is tired, she sleeps.
When she is rested, she wakes.
No arguments over bedtimes or waking up a grumpy 6 year old.

I wouldn't trade anything for the freedom we have now that we're Freeschoolin'.

I'm sure folks will say I'm biased and I'll factor that in when I say this because they are probably partially right; I've never met any person so articulate and well adjusted at such a young age and with her background.

Hope experienced a near family tragedy when she was 1 and a half  but because of our attachement parenting values (part of Freeschoolin' Values) and understanding of how psychological trauma occurs, she is unfettered by it or any other struggles we as a family have faced.

She is teaching herself to read, to write and has taught herself her letters and numbers. She knows words already and can write them. She has endless interesting animal facts and terms she is constantly astounding me with.

Hope is exceptional socially and even leads me sometimes when I get nervous. (And I do! LOL )  She is an empath so sometimes she becomes overwhelmed with other's emotions but this too she is teaching herself to manage.

I don't know a six year old besides Hope that you can tell to breath deeply and they do it, understanding what they are doing to clear their energy and succeeding brilliantly. I wish I did! Hope would love to meet them, I'm sure!

So off the top of my head, these are reasons why we are wishing all to whom it applies a celebratory Happy NOT Back To School!!!
May every day be like the next; full of more experiences than public school could ever afford to allow!

Hope socializing a piglet at Big Curve Acres in August.

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Freeschoolin': Snakes, Snails and Frogs, Oh My!

Posted on August 16, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been an animal discovery filled Summer!

We live in a rural area with a pond on the property so there is plenty of opportunity for observing and capturing the wildife without harming it.

Hope (6) caught her very first snake; a wee baby Garter!  With Freeschoolin' Daddy's help, she cared for an adult sized one for an entire night after it had eaten a frog. She was DELIGHTED!!!

Hope found a dried out snail outside and decided to see if she could save him.

She was wildly successful and the snail took to her like I've never seen before, though I haven't seen a lot of people this eager to handle a snail. She named it Turbo and deemed it the the fastest snail.

At the pond, the water level dropped signifigantly due to a fairly serious drought we've experienced her in Ontario, Canada.

This meant that Hope could climb right in and catch some of the hundreds of frogs that live there. She got stuck but has learned where to avoid; barefeet mean you don't lose your boots or mudify your favorite hello kitty shoes.

Frogs are her favorite to make friends with because they are the easiest to find and catch.  She loves exploring and showing care with her touch.

We even found an injured bird and spent some time with it as it allowed.

There is no more rich a lesson than one learned with passion and joy.


We are so grateful to offer our family a perspective that sees all life as education; the opportunities for learning are endless when #LifeIsOurSchool!

Happy Summer from us all!

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Freeschoolin' Raises A Butterfly!

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I was harvesting dill from the garden when I found this lil' guy on a stalk.  It's a Black Swallowtail caterpillar.

Freeschoolin' Daddy volunteered to find out what we needed to do to help it turn into a butterfly and went to work on making a home for him. (We did find out he IS a he.)

A glass jar, some screening and an elastic band worked great; we filled the jar with dill for the caterpillar to munch on. Did you know they deficate? We learned so much! Apparently they do not have a high survival rate in the wild so we were even more happy to help out!

Hope was excited to care for a new pet but she wasn't thrilled we had to let it go, though she didn't disagree at all. I saw this as a wonderful opportunity for her to learn to love and let go; it's not an easy thing to embrace. I would know.

A day later he stopped eating and started to do this, which we learned was his early preparations for going into the chrysalis.

And then like magic,  just hours after the last photo, this is what we found.

For 9 days it stayed like this but on the 10th day the cocoon turned dark.

I sadly missed snapping a photo because in no time, while I was out, Daddy witnessed a beautiful Black Swallowtail butterfly emerge and rest on the side of the jar.

We all decided it was time to let our newly transformed friend back into the wild so he could fly free. Hope was excited!

I suggested the dill patch we'd found him in, in case he wanted to chill there for a bit before taking off.

We waited a while but the butterfly didn't seem eager to leave his jar home. 

We were in the midst of brainstorming where we could leave the jar to let nature take it's course when a breeze hit the butterfly's wings and he fluttered inside the jar suddenly.
In a blink he was out flying over our garden, higher and higher into the blue sky and up to the trees and ultimately, out of line of sight.

I was bawling in awe, exclaiming how beautiful it was. Hope was a little sad but also in awe. She learned to love and let go which is important if she wants to work with animals; her dream.  It's also so healthy as a person to be able to love so openly. These are the kind of Freeschoolin' lessons we learn that I find it hard to relay and they happen all the time.

The empty chrysalis.

Thanking Daddy for being the cataylyst for this awesome experience! Now we know how to care for future caterpillars we find which will be even more likely as I am expanding our garden.

This was our Freeschoolin' classroom!

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

Forever Freeschoolin': Our June Adventures!

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Hope (6) and Daddy playing with the wheelbarrow at our mini barn.

The weather has been amazing and hot here near Barrie, Ontario, Canada so we have been enjoying the outdoors and having lots of great adventures!

Of course we had to hit up the local Beach a few times.
We played with new friends, swam like dolphins, monkeyed around in the park and enjoyed some picnicking.

There's been lots of time out on the land we live on catching frogs, dancing in the rain and experimenting with toys and nature.

The Drive-In was calling us and it's about 10 min away so we saw Finding Dory and enjoyed playing at the old school park they have complete with a giant slide! It rained for a bit and we got to see a double rainbow all the way across the sky! So intense! *grin*

Hope got some birthday money so she has been spending it as she sees fit; buying toys of course! She still has a bit left over and has so far bought a stretchy frog toy and big yellow stuffed hamster she's called Bun-Bun.
I'm melting with the cute over here. It was so much fun to be with her and support her purchases.

And that's not all!
We also went to Cat World with Family, to a friend's birthday party that was held at a Beach and the library!

Had someone told me this would be our life 6 years ago I don't know that I would have believed them. It's so magical, so rich, so exciting for us ALL.

I had no idea you could learn everything you needed from living; I had to de-school myself.

Now we're living in bliss and we want to share the possibilities with everyone who might also be in the dark about the Unschooled/Freeschoolin' Life because of the freedom and happiness it has brought our family. 

Follow your passions and live well friends!

Much Love,
Wendy, Freeschoolin' Mommy