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Freeschoolin': Snakes, Snails and Frogs, Oh My!

Posted on August 16, 2016 at 8:00 PM

It has been an animal discovery filled Summer!

We live in a rural area with a pond on the property so there is plenty of opportunity for observing and capturing the wildife without harming it.

Hope (6) caught her very first snake; a wee baby Garter!  With Freeschoolin' Daddy's help, she cared for an adult sized one for an entire night after it had eaten a frog. She was DELIGHTED!!!

Hope found a dried out snail outside and decided to see if she could save him.

She was wildly successful and the snail took to her like I've never seen before, though I haven't seen a lot of people this eager to handle a snail. She named it Turbo and deemed it the the fastest snail.

At the pond, the water level dropped signifigantly due to a fairly serious drought we've experienced her in Ontario, Canada.

This meant that Hope could climb right in and catch some of the hundreds of frogs that live there. She got stuck but has learned where to avoid; barefeet mean you don't lose your boots or mudify your favorite hello kitty shoes.

Frogs are her favorite to make friends with because they are the easiest to find and catch.  She loves exploring and showing care with her touch.

We even found an injured bird and spent some time with it as it allowed.

There is no more rich a lesson than one learned with passion and joy.


We are so grateful to offer our family a perspective that sees all life as education; the opportunities for learning are endless when #LifeIsOurSchool!

Happy Summer from us all!

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

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