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Happy NOT Back To School 2016

Posted on September 6, 2016 at 7:15 AM

Today in Ontario,Canada, school children go back to class today.

For us, it's just another day.

Hope is actually sick ( the second time this year; happens at the season change ) with a cough and cold so we are very glad we don't have to worry about attendance in public school; today's first visible advantage to Unschooling/Freeschoolin'

Daddy reading to Hope about Insects while she is sick.

It doesn't take but minutes for reasons we love Life Learning instead of school to flood to mind. I'm not anti-school, but for our family, Freeschooln' is the only way I can see us getting the most out of life in all ways; naturally, education ncluded.


I was socialized the traditional way of the 80's. I survived. So did Freeschoolin' Daddy.

We want more for our kids than to survive their childhood. Like a plant we want to flourish, we wish to give our young the best possible resources and advantages to grow to their full potential.

Freeschoolin'/Unschooling allows us to choose when and how we wish to interact socially. We get to experience Hope's social lessons alongside her. We can avoid unwanted energy and we can seek out and find people we truly click with.
We socialize with all ages of people, not just Hope's age group, giving her a larger scope of experience than she would have sitting in a classroom all day with 5 and 6 year olds.

We LOVE our annual field trip to the Orchard and the amazing events we attend with our local Un/Homeschool Club that we formed in 2012.

Hope learns at her own pace which means she is never pressured to learn; she always retains the joy of absorbing new information.

Even though Hope is sick she asked her Daddy to read her Insect book to her; they learned all about so many different animals.

Every moment is an organic educational opportunity.

There is no academy that could give the kind of bonded, hands on experiences that we have on a daily basis.

Unschooling/Freeschoolin' is tailored to a student's interests and passions.  Like a book you can't to put down; life becomes a mystery you never want to stop discovering.

Problems and setbacks become challenges.

Earth becomes our University; free of charge.

There are no limits!

There are no schedules! ( Unless you want one! And sometimes we do! )

We wear what we want, we don't worry about exemption forms, playground bullying, food  restrictions, tests, grades or being late.

When Hope is tired, she sleeps.
When she is rested, she wakes.
No arguments over bedtimes or waking up a grumpy 6 year old.

I wouldn't trade anything for the freedom we have now that we're Freeschoolin'.

I'm sure folks will say I'm biased and I'll factor that in when I say this because they are probably partially right; I've never met any person so articulate and well adjusted at such a young age and with her background.

Hope experienced a near family tragedy when she was 1 and a half  but because of our attachement parenting values (part of Freeschoolin' Values) and understanding of how psychological trauma occurs, she is unfettered by it or any other struggles we as a family have faced.

She is teaching herself to read, to write and has taught herself her letters and numbers. She knows words already and can write them. She has endless interesting animal facts and terms she is constantly astounding me with.

Hope is exceptional socially and even leads me sometimes when I get nervous. (And I do! LOL )  She is an empath so sometimes she becomes overwhelmed with other's emotions but this too she is teaching herself to manage.

I don't know a six year old besides Hope that you can tell to breath deeply and they do it, understanding what they are doing to clear their energy and succeeding brilliantly. I wish I did! Hope would love to meet them, I'm sure!

So off the top of my head, these are reasons why we are wishing all to whom it applies a celebratory Happy NOT Back To School!!!
May every day be like the next; full of more experiences than public school could ever afford to allow!

Hope socializing a piglet at Big Curve Acres in August.

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

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