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Fall Freeschoolin'

Posted on October 3, 2016 at 5:45 AM

Happy Fall Ya'll!

How are we Freeschoolin' this time of year?

The leaves are starting to turn here in Ontario, Canada and our melon patches have almost stopped producing (Farming Skills).

The snails will soon be hard to find and the nights are getting quite chilly (Environmental Studies).  We find we don't need to spend the time to put up decorations when the signs of fall are all around us and the colours vividly appearing throughout the surrounding forest.

We've been baking pies with the apples we picked on our apple picking trip last week ( Math, science, physics ),  shopping @ thrift stores for needed winter items (Math, Retail skills, Social Studies) and having fun with our rescued Off The Track Thoroughbred (OTTB). (Equine studies, Phys Ed)

Homemade Organic Apple Pie

River (20) and Hope (6).

We've been thinking of decorating for Halloween because it's Daddy's birthday coming up so it's fun to have a Halloween type theme to celebrate with. Seeing the decorations around town have been fun for Hope.

Usually this time of year we do more art projects but we have been trying to keep outside as often as possible to enjoy the weather so we've left those to the side for now.

We have some social engagements planned with our homeschool community, harvesting to do and lots of energy clearing as family of Empaths, among other intuitive gifts, before the winter sets in.

Taking life slowly and without a schedule to drive us lets us absorb information more organically. We learn what we love so we remember everything very easily and without arbitrary tests. We aren't without challenges; far from it. But we learn how to manage each obstacle and soar over each hurdle; an example Freeschoolin' Daddy and I proudly set for our daughter.

We had to change a lot to live a Freeschoolin' life but it was worth every alteration; this IS bliss!

Much Love Always,
Wendy (Freeschoolin' Mommy)

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