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Freeschoolin' @ The 1st Barrie Comic Con and Reflections

Posted on October 17, 2016 at 6:10 AM

We are a family that is proud of our Geekdom!

The closest town to us, Barrie, Ontario, hosted it's first Barrie Public Library Comic Con and we were super stoked to attend!

Daddy went as Twilight Sparkle ( shout out to the bronies/ponies! ) and Hope (6) decided on Jasmine from Aladdin; I wore my superman/mom shirt and resolved to try harder next year. 

We took pictures in the Tardis from Dr. Who and happened to meet up with Dead Pool just before passing by a Storm Trooper on the way to the elevator. ( Hope loves the elevator! )

There were so many amazing costumes and everyone was so friendly and fun. Hope loved seeing everything even though it was a little overwhelming.

Her solution? Hope spent quite a bit of time picking out animal books to bring home; it helped her focus on something other than the energy of everyone around.

One of the staff. Amazing!

We met up with favorite friends and played in the outside area to get out some energy and feel the cool breeze. We really love the Barrie Library; it's so community and family friendly and it's a vital tool on our Freeschoolin' journey we are grateful for.

There was a lot of energy chaos at the library during the Comic Con and it got me to thinking.

I know...uh oh. *grin*

Childhood is short. Like, really short.

I'm on my second time around the Parenting track; my first was born over 20 years ago. The sound level of childhood that can bring adults to cringe only lasts for so long. Too soon we ache to hear it again and never will but in our memories. 

It's so true that parenhood brings up every terrible thing that we were taught as children, intentionally or not. It's SO hard to override the programming from those days and reach out into the unknown for a new way; not only for our children but for ourselves.  We can't do one or the other and expect not to lose out in some way.

If we nurture family/friends AND ourselves we can find that endless reserve of energy that helps us see; we can choose how we perceive and react to every situation. Even when there's pudding on the walls and enough water in the bathroom after bathtime to surf on. Even when the best china just broke because, experiments and fun and you were out of the room for 10 seconds. Even when the exhaustion has you in full on snapzone.  ((( Hugs )))

I hope to keep sharing our lives and how I journey to manage this balance in life to care for myself and my family and reach all the goals I have for my time here on earth so that others might be inspired to take the helm of their own lives and find the peace everyone so deserves. I want all caregivers to be empowered and supported; community is necessary!

Life flies by and we are happy to live a Freeschoolin' life so we are free to fully savour each moment as it happens!


Sending Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

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