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Peaceful Parenting Is Not Perfect Parenting

Posted on January 3, 2017 at 6:25 AM

Peaceful Parenting is not perfect parenting.
It is the constant choice to seek a respectful, non-violent, loving relationship with our offspring; especially in times of conflict.



Hope (6) and I had a challenge. I was triggered, she was confused.

The dispute was over use of the bdrm to sleep and I was not in control of my feelings because I was tired and overwhelmed.

She was calm. I was not. I didn't yell but I said things I regretted the instant they escaped my lips and landed in the ears of my beloved girl.


She cried big heartbroken tears. I surveyed the moments that passed, near frozen with how negative things had become because truly this is very uncharacteristic of our relationship.


I finally unstuck myself from the emotional chaos and went to Hope, making sure I got permission first, so I could hold her and rock her and cry with her; something I had never experienced as a child but I knew would satiate us both.


I recanted my harsh words and made sure it had not affected her self worth; I assured her this was about my lack of emotional control, not about her behavior.


I can't tell this story without tears forming; it is painful to share but I know that some people think we never have conflict here. I don't often have time to tell the accounts but this time I did so I took advantage.


I hope this will help everyone to feel hopeful even when conflict arises with our young.

All is not lost.

We can bring things back from the brink.

Every moment is a chance to make a new choice.


Peaceful Parents make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. The difference is, we learn from them. <3




Thank you for reading. Sending so much love.

Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

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