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Our First Freeschoolin' Week Of the Year! (And Our New Channel!)

Posted on January 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Hope(6), Freeschoolin' Daddy and Mommy in a grocery store selfie!

Why Yes! We still have our Christmas tree up!

I like to clear it out by now but living got in the way. *grin*

This year's holidays triggered a lot of reflection for me.

I couldn't help but notice the excess more even though we'd picked up less. I couldn't help but notice the stress more though we'd had really none. All signs have been pointing to simplifying life. And celebrations.

What is the point of them if they actually make you need a vacation after?

I think we'll be re-evaluating our traditions and re-designing our habits to reflect a more simple and presence based celebration style.

This week we purged old energies, old things, old patterns and started planning new ones. I got a new lap top that is making blogging, video sharing and other such work twice as fast. Literally. So thankful to my Great Gramma In Law; "Grand". She's always such an earth angel to our family.

We ventured to our library and met up with some homeschool friends; always a favorite past time.

Sometimes life is intense and you need to lie down for a minute.

Then we picked up a few things a the grocery store!

Shopping as a family is fun and educational. It's pretty important to know where and how to get your food and how to manage a budget. Hope usually runs around with Daddy and picks up some things from our list. She has recently started deciding what to buy more often. It's pretty cool to watch her make her own choices! I didn't have Hope's confidence at 20!

Last but not least, Hope's Great Gramma gave her a beautiful pearl ring to match the necklace she already giftted her years ago. Hope loves and cares for these kinds of things. She's so happy and thankful!

The new laptop means I can finally finish the first Freeschoolin' Book; I'll be finalizing formatting in a week. So excited so share it with you all when it's finished.

Also, check out our brand new Youtube Channel; The Freeschoolin' Homestead

We've uploaded our show trailer and the first episode/introduction for your viewing pleasure. Looking forward to seeing your comments!

The Freeschoolin' Homestead Trailer

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Much Love Always,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

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