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Small Home Living : Reasons Why It's A Freeschoolin' Essential For Us

Posted on January 24, 2016 at 4:05 AM

Hope (5) in our cozy apt that is about 500 Sq Ft in size; over a garage.


I want to share this but I have to start off by saying; whatever works for every family.

I mean that.  If what we talk about here is not in your scope or not your cup of tea, we hope you'll feel empowered to make your own choices for your family knowing we send you love and support.


That aside, I really feel that radical unschooling/Freeschoolin' is made much easier by having a small place to live in.


Here's Why (in no particular order):


1. Keeping Clean. It is much easier to keep a small, one floor home clean if you're organized to the shape of your space. It's easier to see crazy messes Hope will create before they get out of hand and have a plan of attack when it's right in front of me.


2. Bonding. We are never far away from each other. Even if one of us is in another room, we can pretty much still see each other and everything is within earhot. This makes Hope feel safe in having some privacy so we're glad to provide this for her. We love living closely. We do not feel we need time or space away from each other; we revel in our family bond.


3. Frugality. If we live in a space that meets our needs, we spend less; no filling rooms we don't use, storage is limited so all purchases must be meaningful and decorating can pull from the creativity bank instead of the pocket book.


4. We Get Outside. If we want to run around a lot, we have to leave the house and we are blessed with beautiful land to roam on so there's no complaints around here. We love feeling balanced about the time we spend in and out of doors and glad our environment encourages it.


5. Boundaries and Instilling Principles. When we are close at hand, it's easier to catch negative behavior patterns brewing and encourage positive social coping skills. We can hear all her roleplay sessions on her own and we can gauge how she is perciving things accordingly. If she was floors away in her room playing, we'd never hear this vital information.


There are definitely other positive aspects of living in a small home that are great for us Freeschoolin' Folk but this gives an idea to start.


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below!


Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy


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Reply Nina
10:25 AM on January 26, 2016 
Well said! Totally agree!
Reply Wendy Elizabeth Hart
8:24 AM on January 28, 2016 
Sending love to your family; thanks for commenting!