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#LifeLearningRocks; Freeschoolin' During A Power Outage

Posted on March 28, 2016 at 11:25 AM

We just went over 48 hours without power!

How did we manage?

Living rural, this is no walk in the park. We had no running water, no heat and no way to cook a hot meal, nor was I prepared to feed us without cooking. It was very cold and in the morning, we could see our breath when we talked.

Daddy had just baked a delicious chocolate cake before the power went out so we enjoyed that until it ran out.
We made a salad and snacked on other fruits and veggies to keep fueled while we waited. We have tons of water in bottles in the fridge always available ( glass) so we were prepared on that front.

We filled our bathtub with water before we lost power so we used that to flush the toilet. I had filled 12 1 gallon jugs of water and stored them for emergency use so we utilized them for washing and such.

Before things got too chilly we spent our time with blankets laid out, playing cards and Monopoly on the living room floor. We watched My Neighbour Totoro on the laptop before it's battery died and Hope enjoyed playing Daddy's Ninento DS.

Hope stayed much warmer than myself or Daddy; she sure runs hot to still refuse clothing with no heat in the house!

We co-sleep so we kept warm using all the blankets we had in the house and cozying up together.

The second day of our 'adventure' the cold was getting to us and we had a projected time that the power would be restored so we decided to clean up the house and then head to the mall for a hot meal and a movie; something we rarely do.
That decision turned our challenging situation into a fun time; Hope (5) LOVED Zootopia.

We learned so much from our experience, bonded as we problem solved together and there was magic even in the chaos.
#NeverNotLearning #LifeIsOurSchool #TheFreeschoolin'Life.

Much Love,
Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

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