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Hope's 6th Birthday; Freeschoolin' Style!

Posted on May 31, 2016 at 4:30 AM

Hope is 6 now!

Here's how we celebrated!

Hope awoke to decorations of her favorite characters and a festive table with a card and presents; her face was agape with delight!

For frugal and environmental reasons we don't buy wrapping paper; we reuse paper we have and save decorations from presents we receive to spruce up our gift giving. 

We also make all our cards; this year it was all about Raven from Teen Titans as it's Hope's latest passion.

Then it was time for cake!!!

Daddy made the organic chocolate cake and I made the organic pink berry icing. Hope said it was the best cake ever!

We sang Happy Birthday and Hope made a wish and cut her first piece of cake which she enjoyed with some cartoons.

Then Daddy and Hope went outside while I made chicken fingers from scratch with dipping sauce for dinner; I was nursing a very bad migraine I had for days prior so we postponed our trip to the local Zoo. Hope not only handled the disappointment gracefully, she was clear that she didn't want to go if I wasn't feeling well. Her compassion was beyond moving.  It was a magical day for all of us. 

The next day....

We hit up the Elmvale Jungle Zoo and spent most of our time in the Miniature Goat pen because she loves the hands on experience. It was so much fun.

Hope kept requesting that I sing to the birds as it would make them speak back and/or dance; she loves Parrots and watching the macaw dance was pretty amazing!

There were quite a few babies at the zoo; a lion, a giraffe and a zebra!

We ended our trip back at the goats; Hope had to say goodbye. (Awwww!)

We can't believe our girl came to us 6 whole years ago; what a blessing she is and everything she teaches us!

Happy Birthday Hope! We love you!

Thanks for everyone's birthday wishes; it really made her day special!

Much Love,

Wendy - Freeschoolin' Mommy

I am an animal communicator and activist. I did see some questionable things at this zoo and so I would not recommend this place to animal lovers but it is not as bad as other places I have seen. I did contact the zoo about the issues but was deflected with avoiding my questions and giving general, vague statements while trying to be polite.
I would definitely not buy a season's pass. Freeschoolin' does not endorse this zoo.

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